Best kratom for pain

Best Kratom for Pain Management: Strains&Dosage

How Can Kratom Help with Pain Management

Kratom is a versatile and amazing substance. A lot of people are now using it as it can be transformational especially if you’ve experienced its benefits after discovering the best kratom for pain management. When we talk about the best kratom for pain, we’re referring to emotional and physical pain. That’s the reason why kratom is great because it deals with both of these negative feelings in a mild way.

Below are various conditions, both mental and physical that kratom can help with:

  •         Trauma
  •         Stress
  •         PTSD
  •         Physical pain such as back pain
  •         Drug and alcohol withdrawal
  •         Social anxiety

Kratom can be used to treat a wide range of conditions because it can relax you mentally and physically. It also has pain-relieving capabilities. It’s not just about anesthetizing or numbing you; Kraton can also lift you emotionally and physically and give you euphoria, focus, energy, and positivity.

If you’re suffering from back pain, you can start to experiment with the best kratom for pain management instead of using pharmaceutical painkillers that can cripple you emotionally. You can use red vein kratom as it can be very helpful. You’ll find 6 strains of red kratom inside the pack, giving you the opportunity to choose the one that works best for you while minimizing your physical pain.

kratom for pain relief

How Can Kratom Help You with Opiate Withdrawal

Using kratom for opiate withdrawal is a good strategy because the alkaloids present in it mimic opiate actions like opium, morphine and heroin. There are a lot of similarities between kratom and morphine making it great for relieving pain.

However, the best thing about it is that it doesn’t attach directly to the opioid receptors in your body as heroin does. Kratom is a partial agonist for the opioid receptors but still interacts with them to produce similar feelings without addictive potential or such intensity. Kratom offers the following benefits:

  •         Can give optimism and clear your mind
  •         Has anti-inflammatory abilities
  •         Has the ability to chill you out after sedating you
  •         Can make your worries to disappear
  •         Can make you to feel in control and very calm
  •         Has powerful pain relieving abilities since its similar to morphine
  •         Can increase your energy levels and help you deal with depression
  •         Mimics the feelings created by opiates and help you keep away from them
  •         When taken at lower doses can improve your mental clarity

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should use kratom and get off opiates. The most important thing is the dosage you use. You’re supposed to use lower dosages for a short period of time until you’re clear of going back to heroin or the opiate you’re struggling with.

Kratom Dosage for Pain

Kratom is an individual thing hence explaining the best kratom dosage for pain can be a bit tough because it depends on the strain. It also depends on how pure the kratom you’re getting is. This is because you’ll only find the best kratom for pain management if it’s pure. You don’t want to get the sub-standard Kraton some suppliers have, where they mix it with other herbs when in powder form before importing it.

What we can do here is to give you general guidelines since your pain management is personal. We suggest the following if you’re looking for the perfect kratom dosage for pain:

  •         If you’re a beginner, use 2 to 3 gm
  •         Moderate dose, 3 to 4 gm
  •         Full-spectrum dose, 5 to 6 gm
  •         Strong dose, 7 to 8 gm
  •         Overdose 8+ gm

You shouldn’t begin with a high dose of kratom since it can stop you from functioning optimally during the day or night. You should also know what your desired goals are so as to choose the best kratom dosage for pain. If you’re using kratom to manage pain, start with a dose recommended for beginners (a few grams at most).

If there’s no effect, add another gram when you try it next time. The idea is all about finding a sweet spot where the effects such as calmness and analgesia are full spectrum but with the energy, happiness, maintenance, enthusiasm, and enhancement being manageable.

Most Popular KratomStrains For Pain Management:

Red Maeng da

This strain is the best kratom for relieving pain. It’s very powerful, especially if you get good quality. You won’t require to use a large dose so as to get the benefits if you find the best quality. To get the best Red Maeng da, consider purchasing it from reputable suppliers that stock the ultimate kratom powder.

The effects of Red Maeng da are strong however it’s all about how this strain is made. Red vein kratom, green vein kratom, and white kratom are dried in various ways. Each produces a powder with a different balance of alkaloids. Reds tend to be sedative and analgesic, green settles in the middle while white tend to be uplifting and energizing.

At lower doses, kratom gives a little energy boost, some positivity, a bit of pain relief, happiness and extra focus. However, the more you use, the more intense the effects become. This strain is ideal if you’re trying to stop drinking alcohol.

Red Bali

Another great kratom strain that’s good for managing pain is Red Bali. This kratom is similar to other reds as it offers relaxation, energy boost, pain relief, increased focus and mood improvement at lower doses. It tends towards strong sedation at higher doses. It’s a good starting point since its effects are quite balanced and mild.

Red Borneo

It’s slightly more potent compared to the Red Bali. It has sedation and analgesia. It can also boost your energy and mood. It’s a slow burner when it comes to relieving pain but that isn’t a bad thing because it’s long-lasting. However, you won’t get relief from your pain. But for several hours, you’ll feel more chilled out and less pain.