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White Kratom Review: Effects, Dosage, Popular Strains

Each kratom type has effects that are specific to the strain. In this white kratom review, we shall leave nothing to chance as we examine all that we can about this vein color. We will look at the effects, dosage requirements, plus the strains found in the white kratom category. We shall also compare two strains, the White Bali and White Borneo. Before concluding, we shall and sample three top-rated vendors while checking whether they stock similar products.

Why White Kratom?

Kratom has three types, i.e., white, red, and green. White kratom sedates its users and gives an analgesic effect at high doses. Besides, it releases high energy to the point of a user becoming euphoric. At the same time, it gives you mental focus and cognitive enhancement.


White vein kratom effects diverse. The main ones include but are not limited to:

However, in some strains, you will still experience these benefits, plus others mostly found in red kratom. Pain relief and relaxation is a benefit seen in the white as well as red variants.

White Vein Kratom Dosage

There is no clear-cut white vein kratom dosage. The quantity depends on an individual, plus there are other underlying conditions. For example, white kratom will not just boost your energy without increasing anxiety. You may feel like you have taken a caffeine hit, that also leads to added strain. Therefore, we cannot standardize doses but only provide recommendations for experimentation.

If you are experimenting for the first time, you could start with, say, three grams and gradually work it up to four or five grams. Try and oscillate between four and five grams for a few weeks but do not exceed. Once you get accustomed to the kratom, you will realize that, at five grams, you enjoy the benefits as mentioned earlier.

However, resist the temptation to exceed seven grams. Experienced users say the seven grams of white kratom is way too high. Our advice is to start small and do not be in a hurry to increase doses. After the effects start kicking in a few weeks, you can add a gram and assess the impact.

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Popular Strains of the White Kratom

Any white kratom review worth mentioning must dig deeper and share examples of strains users can try experimenting. White kratom has three strains:

  • White Bali
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Borneo

Let us compare the White Bali with White Borneo

  1. White Borneo

The White Borneo suitably derives its name from its origin, Borneo Island, Indonesia. It increases your focus and clarity. If you have been battling with ADHD, for example, White Borneo kratom helps you focus on getting things done. That aspect is vital for people who work in demanding roles or are pursuing their studies.

Besides, White Borneo is a powerful stimulant with effects that last you all day. Unlike caffeine, whose results are erratic and do not last long, this strain will keep you going. Also, you feel euphoric. Other white kratom strains are also avid mood-enhancers, but the Borneo strain is more potent.

On the other hand, the White Borneo is excellent for giving you motivation and the drive to achieve the day’s potential. As a user, you become charged, and nothing will stop you from hitting your goals. It may not change your life, but you will undoubtedly get the much-needed spark.

Last but not least, White Borneo boosts your cognitive skills. You begin to notice that you make decisions faster, plus complex problems do not drag you behind. In short, it maximizes your potential.

  1. White Bali

The White Bali is also from Indonesia but at a place called Bali. The kratom too has many positive outcomes. However, it is highly potent compared to other strains. It is a mood enhancer, and very helpful to people suffering from depression, although not all forms.

This strain also provides relief from stress and anxiety. As a user of White Bali, you feel confident and fearless. Besides, it keeps you calm in situations where you would hitherto be nervous. Take, for instance, when you are sitting for an exam or are giving a presentation to a client. You will feel relaxed and ace that task with ease.

Just like the White Borneo, Bali also registers excellent results for ADHD people. They focus more and get things done. Also, White Bali fills you with energy throughout the day. The energy boost is such that it does not come with anxiety.


Both strains provide similar effects such as energy, focus, stress relief, and stimulation. However, White Borneo is more potent than White Bali. A few grams of White Borneo is all it takes to start registering any effect. To achieve a similar feat with White Bali, you will need to take a higher dosage.

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A choice of strains from select vendors

Coastline Kratom offers high-quality White Bali Kratom and a White Kratom pack. The pack features the White Vein Horned, White Vein Bali, and the White Maeng Da variants. The three retail at $45.99. We did not find other white vein variants from this seller.

Looking at the PurKratom site, we only found the White Bali Kratom. It is available in both powder and capsule form. The reputed vendor does not have the other white strain that we have just reviewed, i.e., White Borneo Kratom. However, we noted that they have another white the White Sumatra, but in powder form only.

On Kratora website, we found the White Vein Borneo Kratom and the White Vein Sumatra Kratom. The retailer did not have White Bali in their stock.


The takeout from this white kratom review is that the variant is an effective mood enhancer and energy stimulant. If you need to boost stamina and concentration, the white kratom is an excellent choice. When you find yourself overcome by fatigue, this vein will help boost your energy. You cannot fail to recognize the kratom from its energizing aroma.